University of East Sarajevo (UES)

Geographical focus:

Thematic domains:

  • Research and Innovation

    As the second public University in Republika Srpska, UES is highly connected to the both local community, students, researchers and also the government. It gathers large number of researchers across disciplines.

  • Education

    One of the primary focuses of UES is higher education, gathering large number of students across different scientific disciplines.

  • Youth

    UES gathers large number of students.

  • Sports

    Partially, given that UES has a Faculty of Physical Education and Sports.

  • Digitalisation

    UES actively participates in the support and promotion of digitisation, which is realised through the organisation of conferences, panel discussions, teaching processes, curricula and the implementation of national and international projects.

  • Healthy Societies

    The Faculty of Medicine is dedicated to education of staff in the field of medicine which includes scientific, humanistic and ethical dimension with the continuous improvement of human health through the promotion of the profession, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in the community. The Faculty of Medicine provides its students with educational programmes of exceptional quality and relevance, educating highly qualified staff.

  • Underrepresented Groups and Gender Equality

    UES has adopted it Gender Equality Plan.

Address / Location

Vuka Karadžića 30, 71126 Lukavica

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