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  • Research and Innovation

    Within the UDG scientific research units, a Center of Excellence was created for the digitization of risk assessment in the field of food safety and precise certification of the authenticity of food products. In order to encourage the innovative development of the food sector based on science, especially in the area of food quality and safety, the University of Donja Gorica established a Center of Excellence (CoE) with the mission to create innovations in the food sector through research, as well as knowledge transfer, development and improvement of indigenous and traditional food and agricultural products and resources. This will be achieved by applying modern technologies in order to adapt traditional food production processes to new trends, keeping the authenticity of products and traditional characteristics, but also by involving and connecting a wide front of different participants, including agricultural producers, food companies, research institutions, consumers and others.

  • Education

    One of the important advantages of UDG is the development of multidisciplinarity. In addition to investing in fundamental professional knowledge, a lot is invested in students' skills. Special investment is made in IT skills, students' research abilities, entrepreneurial approach to life, and communication skills.

  • Youth

    For the purposes of encouraging creative ideas of young people, UDG has created the Entrepreneurial Nest, which is aimed at awakening students, creating conditions for the production of ideas. A new psyche and a new philosophy emerge dominantly from the Entrepreneurial Nest, where start-up ideas will be hatched. The idea of the Entrepreneurial Nest continues to develop through the massive involvement of students, awakening their creative, innovative and entrepreneurial abilities.

  • Underrepresented Groups and Gender Equality

    The University of Donja Gorica established the Office for Gender Equality, within the University and Gender Mainstreaming - UNIGEM project. At the same time, the UDG formed the Advisory Board of the Office for Gender Equality, which will deal with the preparation, implementation and evaluation of activities on the UNIGEM project. The goal is to establish gender equality at UDG, as well as to conduct research among teaching staff and the student population on gender-based violence and sexual harassment in institutions of higher education.

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