The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the RS (CCI)

Geographical focus:

Thematic domains:

  • Research and Innovation

    Chamber of Commerce and industry of Republic of Srpska, with its Regional Chambers in Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Doboj, East Sarajevo and Trebinje, makes a unique Chamber System of Republic of Srpska. Chamber members are: companies, banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions engaged in economic activity in Republic of Srpska. Also, members can be: business and professional associations, interest associations, scientific – research and educational institutions, associations, foundations, entrepreneurs, agricultural cooperatives and other entities engaged in activities of importance to the economy, if they show interest in membership in the Chamber.

  • Education

    The Chamber is a non-governmental, independent, professional – business organisation, non-profit public – legal association of business subjects and economic associations from the territory of Republic of Srpska. Activities of RS Chamber of Commerce and Industry are primarily focused on representing the interests of members and the economy as a whole before the legislative and executive authorities, as well as to connect entrepreneurs in the RS and BiH and development of economic relations of the RS economy with the economies of other countries, professional trainings and the provision of all necessary information and advisory services to its members.

  • Green Deal

    CCI has a Department for Environment Protection in charge of environmental and nature protection related issues.

  • Digitalisation

    CCI has established Department for Information and communication technology as well as Center for Digital Transformation (CDT) specialized for digital technologies and digital transformation in industry.

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