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“STEAM+Albania” is a comprehensive national system of functionalities of “Barleti” University which aims to strengthen and develop the creativity of pupils, students and professionals through encouragement, incentive and motivation, to integrate the component sciences of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), in the realization of various applied and scientific projects in function of inventions, innovation, high scholastic and professional achievements. All while also providing solutions to the most frequent problems of daily life and comprehensive global developments.

STEAM+Albania is based in 3 important key components: 1. STEAM+ALBANIA Program – Curriculum, training, implemented practical models, capacity building for all STEAM target groups, realization of lessons based on STEAM, contests, competitions, promotional campaigns, etc. 2. National STEAM Center (Steam Fab Lab+ Maker Space) physical environment for support for all categories and target groups of STEAM such as pupils, students, teachers, schools, parents, community, professionals. 3. STEAM+ ALBANIA platform as a 360° information resource center for STEAM. VISION.

Our vision is to shape STEAM education policies and practices that foster economic growth, opportunity, and well-being for all. We work to promote modern and new ways of teaching and learning based on STEAM. We want to encourage thinking differently and nurture learning with a comprehensive system of functionalities in an environment that fosters the opportunity for success. Our mission is to provide them with whatever knowledge and skills they will need in their careers to become independent thinkers and communicators who apply critical theory and creative design to collaboratively solve important issues through integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts/Humanities and Mathematics.

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