Ministry of Science, Higher Education and Youth of Sarajevo Canton (MONKS)

Geographical focus:

Thematic domains:

  • Research and Innovation

    The MONKS is in charge of administrative, expert and other tasks defined by laws referring to responsibilities of the Canton Sarajevo in the field of higher education and science The MONKS (Department of Science) is in charge of ensuring criteria for achieving and expanding scientific knowledge, using science for social progress, increasing the scope and quality of research, motivating researchers and scientists, encouraging cooperation of different actors in the field of research in order to contribute to increase of life quality and progress in the Canton Sarajevo. This Department is also in charge of defining and implementing the strategy for development of science and introducing new R&I infrastructure as well as education of researchers. This Department also supports research projects contributing to the development of Sarajevo Canton and supports the work of the Council for Science of Sarajevo Canton and implements other tasks related to legal and other provisions.

  • Education

    The MONKS (Department of Higher Education) in in charge of addressing the issues related to the establishment and licensing of HE institutions, monitoring the results of external evaluation of HE institutions, monitoring the work of HE institutions and proposing to the government the number of students enrolled in the first study year of the first and second cycle. This Department encourages student mobility and academic staff within European HE area and at international level.

  • Youth

    The MONKS (Department for Youth) is in charge of defining and implementing institutional mechanisms of care for youth, defining and implementing cantonal programmes of actions for youth in certain fields of youth sectors as defined by laws and legal provisions. This Department cooperates and coordinates activities with youth organisations and all government levels for the purpose of improving and addressing the issues of youth.

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Reisa Džemaludina Čauševića, 71000 Sarajevo

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