International Burch University

Geographical focus:

Thematic domains:

  • Research and Innovation

    International Burch University (IBU) is owned by Stirling Education, a provider of first-class education across the globe with the corporate head office located in London, United Kingdom. With Faculties in Engineering and Natural Sciences, Economics and Social Science, and Education and Humanities, International Burch University is highly respected and follows the ‘entrepreneurial university model’.

  • Education

    International Burch University follows the ‘entrepreneurial university model’; that is, to encourage and support innovation, recognise and create opportunities, and promote soft skills and an entrepreneurial mindset.It si private higher education institution located in Sarajevo. 

  • Youth

    IBU is a higher education  institution that gathers the large number of young people from different countires. Considering the scope of its activity, young people are in the focus of the university's work. 

Address / Location

Francuske revolucije bb. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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