International Association of Science & TechParks (IASP)

Thematic domains:

  • Research and Innovation

    coordinate an active network of managers of science/technology/research parks, innovation districts and other areas of innovation

  • Education

    dynamic and innovative mix of policies, programmes, quality space and facilities and high value-added services for science, technology and research

  • Youth

    Multi-level support is being provided, including support in starting a business, networking, knowledge creation and cooperation between industry-academia.

  • Green Deal

    Subnetwork on Sustainability - focused on: regulatory change with associated lessons learned; practical changes to reducing carbon emissions and mitigating against emergent climate change impacts (e.g. risk of flooding); practical changes associated with wider environmental factors (waste, water, food etc); practical changes in social value / well being.

  • Digitalisation

    ICT subnetwork aims to help its members to connect at a global level, share expertise in how they support their ICT companies, and to enable joint activities and international collaboration, as well as creating new business opportunities for their companies. There is also a Blockchain subnetwork, as well as other subnetwork having digitalisation as a horizontal topic.

  • Underrepresented Groups and Gender Equality

    Women in IASP brings together the knowledge-base of female science park professionals, and shares success stories for the benefit of all our members. Members of the subnetwork help each other achieve their professional goals, and learn from the diverse perspectives of women from all over the world

Address / Location

C/ Marie Curie, 35, (PTA) - 29590 - Campanillas - Málaga (Spain)

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