Institute of Public Health of Montenegro

Geographical focus:

Thematic domains:

  • Research and Innovation

    The Center for Science and Education within the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro realizes cooperation in the field of scientific research and teaching activities with health faculties and other scientific institutions in the country and abroad. Participates in the technical preparation of the "Statistical Yearbook" and other publications published by the Institute, as well as professional and scientific papers of employees that are published in professional and scientific journals.

  • Education

    The Institute for Public Health of Montenegro(IJZCG) is the only health institution in Montenegro, which has been uniting health, scientific research and educational activities for decades. IZJCG deals with: Evaluation of the health status of the population; By identifying various health risk factors;Laboratory analyzes;Development of programmes for prevention, detection and control of infectious diseases;Health promotion;Statistical surveys.

  • Healthy Societies

    IZJCG operates in the mission of preserving and improving the health of the population of Montenegro. For this purpose, there is a considerable number of educational publications on which they worked, as well as a large number of projects. IJZCG

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Džona Džeksona bb, Podgorica, Montenegro

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