FORS Montenegro

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  • Green Deal

    FORS Montenegro - Foundation for the Development of the North of Montenegro is a regional development organisation founded in 2006 as a non-profit non-governmental organisation. FORS Montenegro implements projects in cooperation with local administrations, ministries, civil society organisations, educational institutions, health institutions, protection and rescue services, cultural centers and organisations, tourist organisations, etc. The main goals of FORS Montenegro are socio-economic development, environmental protection and development of civil society. They implementing projects in field of Green Economy

  • Healthy Societies

    By introducing new medical technologies, continuous education of employees and investing in modern medical equipment, the Clinical Center is the leading health institution in Montenegro. The Clinical Center is constantly working on the mission of preserving and improving the health of the population of Montenegro.

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Ivana Milutinovića 10, 81400, Nikšić, Montengro

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