European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)

Thematic domains:

  • Research and Innovation

    analyses and interprets data, provides scientific advice, organises annual scientific conferences and exchange

  • Education

    ECDC organises several training activities in epidemiology, communicable diseases and public health, including online and live courses for public health professionals, fellowships, training and materials and developing core competency frameworks to define, categorise and standardise public health expertise

  • Digitalisation

    uses Interactive databases allowing users to select sets of data and visualise them in tables and maps. Some have fixed datasets, while others have datasets based on annual surveillance data that are uploaded on a continuous basis.

  • Healthy Societies

    ECDC under the coordination of the National ECDC Correspondents has been working with the national authorities in the EU enlargement countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo1, Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia, and Turkey) to support and strengthen their capacities to participate in ECDC activities. see (project until 2024); Whole Genome Sequencing service support to Western Balkans; epidemiology training, inclusion in monitoring networks, focus one health / AMR,

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