Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development

Co-PLAN is a non-profit organisation that has contributed to sustainable development by enabling good urban and regional governance, tackling key environmental issues, developing civil society, impacting policies, and promoting community participation knowledge-making since 1995. At the core of Co-PLAN’s activity is the work with people and institutions, to foster tangible social transformation and positive change on the ground by inducing change-driving knowledge in our society for smart management of our habitat. Co-PLAN fulfills this mission through means of pilot activities and advisory services financed by national and international institutions and direct involvement with communities, local government units and other non-governmental organisations in the field of urban and regional management, environmental management, and municipal finance.

The organisation is based in Tirana, Albania, and have developed a solid-project-outreach-network at a national, regional, and international level, including many of the Local Government Units in Albania, numerous organisations in the Western Balkans region, Europe, and beyond. You can read more on the history of Co-PLAN here.

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