Agricultural Univerity of Tirana

Geographical focus:

Thematic domains:

  • Research and Innovation

    The Agricultural University of Tirana is the unique center for undergraduate and graduate studies , scientific research , training and extension in the area of agriculture and food.Research includes creative work undertaken systematically with the aim of increasing knowledge and culture and using it for the needs of society. The main and basic units carry out basic or applied research-scientific activities, studies, development projects and other creative activities, defined in the AUT statute, according to the nature and specific objectives of the institution.

  • Education

    The Agricultural University of Tirana is a public university ,it offers education in veterinary , agronomy ,forestry..etc .It includes the following facultiesFaculty of Agriculture and Environment Faculty of Economy and Agribusiness Faculty of Forest Sciences Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Faculty of Biotechnology and Food.

  • Youth

    Project Partner in projects that support youth and higher education like Erasmus plus ,Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe.

  • Digitalisation

    Digitalisation of data related to educational and inovational structure are a primary objective of the university

  • Underrepresented Groups and Gender Equality

    The Code of Ethics is intended to establish rules of conduct for personnel academic and non-academic and of students, according to established standards, in accordance with the spirit of professional and moral ethics of the university and with academic freedom.

Address / Location

Rruga "Paisi Vodica" 1025 Tirana, Albania

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