The Stakeholder Forum of POLICY ANSWERS organised by Riinvest provided valuable inputs for 2024

The Stakeholder Forum of the Horizon Europe project POLICY ANSWERS, implemented in Kosovo* by Riinvest Institute, was organised on 13 December 2023. Participants reviewed the progress of the project activities carried out during 2023 and engaged in a debate which provided valuable inputs for the priorities and approaches in project implementation during 2024. The project will continue its activities to improve the environment and landscape for Research and Innovations (R&I) in Kosovo and to support the implementation of the EU Agenda for Western Balkans.

Special attention was dedicated to the Work Package for ‘Support for capacity building and pilot actions in BP countries for EU integration and strengthening of their research and innovation ecosystem’, a hub of concentrated activities, that allowed us to present substantial progress and provide a detailed update on the ongoing initiatives. Transitioning seamlessly, Riinvest shared its endeavours aligning with the Green Agenda and Digitalisation Agenda, where proposed recommendations surfaced. It emphasised the crucial need for coordinated efforts among relevant stakeholders from respective ministries and institutions, the Academy of Science and others.

The engaged participation of stakeholders fostered a collaborative atmosphere through expressions of satisfaction with the project’s trajectory so far. Valuable ideas were exchanged on how the project can further support ministries, businesses and local institutions through increasing capacities, strengthening coordination and improving monitoring indicators and statistics for R&I, digitalisation and green transformation.


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