The IMPETUS Second Call is open!

New Year, New Opportunities for Citizen Science – IMPETUS launches its second call for Citizen Science projects The IMPETUS project is looking for new and sustaining citizen science projects to support and promote in their latest open call- Now open!

If you’re utilising citizen science practices in inventive ways to address societal challenges, IMPETUS is eager to engage with your initiatives.

In this open call, IMPETUS is looking for Citizen Science projects for two exciting opportunities, the IMPETUS Accelerator andthe European Union Prize for Citizen Science. This Open Call will run from January 10th until March 11th (23:59 CET) for the European Union Prize for Citizen Science and March 14th (12:00 CET) for the IMPETUS Accelerator.

IMPETUS Accelerator

Do you have an idea for a citizen science project or are coordinating an initiative that focuses on:

Could your project benefit from financial support, mentoring and training to help take your work to the next level? Then the IMPETUS Accelerator programme could be for you.

European Union Prize for Citizen Science

IMPETUS wants to put outstanding citizen science front and centre with the European Union Prize for Citizen Science. IMPETUS wants to celebrate the success and diversity of Citizen Science being done across Europe and ensure this fantastic work gets the recognition it deserves.

The European Union Prize for Citizen Science consists of three main awards. A Grand Prize of 60,000€, as well as two additional prizes to projects that best demonstrate how citizen science can be used to promote Diversity and Collaboration and Digital Communities, both of which will be awarded 20,000€.  

But IMPETUS also knows that there is so much great citizen science happening in Europe right now, so IMPETUS will give honourable mentions to 27 additional projects, who will have their work showcased alongside the winners of the three prizes at the 2024 Ars Electronica Science and Technology Festival.

Geographical focus:

Thematic domains:

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