The European Training Foundation in the Western Balkans

During the recent meeting of the Western Balkans Steering Platform on Education and Training (3 June 2024, Skopje), Mr Gordon Purvis highlighted several key points regarding the European Training Foundation (ETF) and its ongoing efforts in the Region.

The ETF has maintained close cooperation with the European Commission and the WB partners for 30 years, engaging in various activities and establishing a trusted presence in the evolving context of skills development. The ETF deploys a number of instruments to build intelligence on the economies’ current and future skill needs drawing upon international data sources and national data, both quantitative and qualitative, such as the Torino Process and the European Skills and Jobs Survey.  The ETF supports the development of human capital for both young people and adults, focusing on the digital and green transition, innovation, and the Enlargement Process.

Key initiatives include the continued expansion of Jobs and Skills Surveys in the region, enhanced efforts on the Youth Guarantee with an emphasis on both education and labor market aspects, and further development of activities related to Osnabruck. Additionally, Mr Purvis emphasized the importance of Erasmus+ in fostering discussions on how to leverage the strengths of the program to create closer links between projects, Erasmus offices, and policy makers, aiming for improved policy making and capacity building.

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