The Center for Education of Youth and Adults has been opened in Prizren

The Center for Education of Youth and Adults was inaugurated in Prizren, marking the establishment of the first holistic centre for youth and adult education in Kosovo. This centre aims to be a crucial link in advancing lifelong learning in the region, leveraging the German model and experience of folk high schools. It is expected to become an important hub for the successful future of Prizren and serve as a model for other municipalities.

The initiative underscores the importance of lifelong learning, emphasising the need to adapt to the evolving demands of the labour market. Actions taken to improve adult and lifelong education include the accreditation of educational institutions, development of accelerated courses, training programmes for educators, and strengthening the National Qualifications Authority.

The centre’s establishment reflects broader efforts to enhance access to quality education and inclusive employment opportunities as part of the National Development Strategy 2030. The contributions of international partners and local NGOs have been pivotal in realising this project.


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