Takeaways from the “MSCA Staff Exchanges: Opportunities for Researchers from the Western Balkans” Regional Awareness Raising Event

We are pleased to announce that the MSCA Staff Exchanges: Opportunities for researchers from the Western Balkans has been successfully organised as a collaboration of the POLICY ANSWERS and MSCAdvocacy projects.

We are now sharing all the useful information regarding this Regional Awareness Raising Event:

  • The recording of the session is available on the WB Info Hub´s YouTube channel!
  • PDF versions of the presentations can be found on the WB Info Hub here.
  • For those who participated in the event: we are interested in your opinion, please fill in our short evaluation questionnaire. Thank you very much in advance!
  • Keep in mind that the deadline to submit your project proposal is 28 February 2024! Overall 78.50 million euro is available for this call, and you can start submitting your proposal from the Funding and Tenders Portal.

Crossing our fingers for your successful proposals!

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