Scientists from the Western Balkans in NATO “Science for Peace and Security” projects

In a testament to scientific collaboration and innovation, scientists from the Western Balkans have been actively engaged in more than 20 projects under the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) program.

A recently published article informs that during 2023, Serbian scientists spearheaded 14 projects, while counterparts from North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro contributed to 6, 3, and 2 projects respectively. These initiatives, facilitated by the SPS programme (which was established already in 1958), highlight the region’s dedication to scientific advancement in security domains, fostering partnerships among NATO member states and with partner countries.

The projects encompass a broad spectrum of scientific endeavors, from developing protective gear and explosives detectors to exploring new energy storage solutions. Joint projects tackle diverse challenges like quantum cybersecurity, advanced imaging techniques for explosives detection, and wearable devices for medical support in crisis situations. These endeavors underscore the transformative potential of scientific cooperation in addressing contemporary security threats and advancing societal well-being.

For further details on these projects, please delve into the full article: Scientists from the Western Balkans involved in more than 20 NATO Science for Peace and Security projects – European Western Balkans (

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