Riinvest Institute Empowers the Research Community of Kosovo* with POLICY ANSWERS

In an effort to bolster Kosovo’s research and innovation landscape, Riinvest Institute is proud to announce the successful completion of a transformative capacity-building activity that has not only equipped local researchers but has also yielded impressive outcomes. This initiative, focused on Capacity Building and Support for the Implementation of POLICY ANSWERS, stands as a testament to Riinvest Institute’s unwavering commitment to fostering growth and innovation in Kosovo.

One of the activity’s highlights is the publication of summaries for 10 groundbreaking research projects. These projects are the direct result of intensive training provided to 50 talented researchers. The training was meticulously designed to prepare them for the intricacies of Horizon Europe applications. Each project summary is available for public access on the Facebook page of Riinvest Institute, showcasing Kosovo’s capacity for impactful research on the global stage.

Insights, experiences, and suggestions of participants of the Horizon Europe training programme provide invaluable guidance for refining and enhancing future capacity-building initiatives. Participants have not only praised the programme’s comprehensiveness but have also highlighted its effectiveness in equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed for Horizon Europe applications.

Combining the data from both datasets, it is evident that the majority, around 85% of participants, rated the event at the highest level (5). This strong trend suggests a high level of satisfaction with the event overall. Furthermore, participants praised the excellent interaction and support they received from trainers and organizers, who proved attentive to their needs and ever-ready to assist and clarify any questions that arose. In the spirit of continuous improvement, participants offered insightful suggestions for enhancing future training endeavours. Some recommended incorporating more concrete examples of project proposals to further reinforce practical learning. Nevertheless, all stated that they would indeed recommend their colleagues to attend this event.

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