Progress on Digital Education Initiatives in Kosovo

In a recent update submitted to the Ministry of Education, the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) outlined significant advancements in digital education initiatives across Kosovo. Among the key highlights, approximately 600 teachers from 20 lower secondary schools have undergone specialized training programmes focusing on career education and digitalisation. This comprehensive effort aims to equip educators with the necessary tools to effectively integrate digital competencies into their teaching methodologies.

Moreover, GIZ, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, has facilitated the development of guidelines for adapting the European Framework for Digital Competency to the Kosovar context. This strategic move underscores Kosovo’s commitment to aligning its educational practices with international standards while catering to the unique needs of its educational landscape.

Additionally, over 800 students from 12 lower secondary schools across various municipalities have actively participated in a series of dynamic workshops conducted within their schools’ media clubs. These workshops, spanning three weeks, provide students with hands-on experience and practical skills in media literacy, fostering creativity and critical thinking.

Furthermore, local experts and consultants have collaborated to produce a comprehensive guide for enhancing teachers’ digital competencies in 2023. Through a multifaceted approach, teachers are being equipped with digital skills through various capacity-building measures. These measures include tailored training sessions aimed at empowering educators to effectively enhance students’ digital skills through innovative teaching methodologies.

Moreover, approximately 2,000 students from lower secondary schools are currently undergoing training programmes to bolster their digital competencies. These initiatives, implemented either through in-school mentorship programs or digital media clubs, aim to empower students with essential digital skills necessary for their future success in an increasingly digitalised world.

The collaborative efforts between GIZ, the Ministry of Education, and local stakeholders underscore Kosovo’s commitment to fostering a digitally literate and empowered generation prepared to thrive in the digital age. As these initiatives continue to unfold, Kosovo moves closer to realizing its vision of an inclusive and digitally advanced education system.

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