Panel Discussion on report “An Absent Therapy for Healthcare Financing” was organised by Riinvest

On 7th of March 2024, POLICY ANSWERS local partner Riinvest Institute organised a panel discussion that marked a significant milestone as it delved into the critical findings of the comprehensive report titled “An Absent Therapy for Healthcare Financing,” which meticulously examines the pressing issues plaguing Kosovo’s healthcare financing landscape. Involving approximately 50 participants from the healthcare sector, civil society, and experts, the debate on Kosovo’s significant delay in healthcare financing shed light on important points.

The discussion provided a thorough examination of various facets of the report, shedding light on the multifaceted challenges faced by Kosovo’s healthcare system. Among the focal points highlighted by the esteemed panellists were:

  • Presentation of Health Indicators: A detailed analysis of key health indicators provided a sobering snapshot of the current state of healthcare in Kosovo, revealing areas of concern and those requiring urgent attention.
  • Low Government Expenditure in Healthcare: The panellists underscored the inadequacy of government expenditure allocated to healthcare, emphasizing the need for increased investment to bolster the quality and accessibility of healthcare services across the nation.
  • Budget Realisation Challenges: Despite allocated budgets, healthcare institutions often grapple with challenges in realising their financial allocations effectively. It was also discussed about the root causes behind these hurdles and proposed strategies to enhance budget utilization efficiency.
  • Digital Integration and Health Information Systems: Recognizing the transformative potential of digital integration in healthcare, the discussion emphasized the pivotal role of functionalizing the Health Information System (SISH) in streamlining healthcare delivery, data management, and decision-making processes.
  • Logistical and Infrastructural Constraints: Institutions like QSKUK face a myriad of challenges, from logistical bottlenecks to infrastructural deficiencies, which impede their ability to deliver quality healthcare services. The panellists elucidated on these challenges, advocating for strategic interventions to address these systemic issues.

Moreover, the discourse extended beyond the confines of problem identification, delving into actionable initiatives aimed at catalysing positive change within Kosovo’s healthcare ecosystem. Noteworthy topics of discussion included ongoing investments in the healthcare sector, strides made towards operationalizing the health insurance fund, and collaborative endeavours between inter-sectoral institutions to tackle the formidable challenges confronting the healthcare sector.

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