Montenegro associated to the EU4Health programme

On January 19, the European Commission and the Government of the Republic of Montenegro signed an agreement associating Montenegro to the EU4Health programme, which enables Montenegro’s health system to better respond to immediate needs and contribute to long-term recovery. With the entry into force of the agreement, Montenegrin health authorities and the wider health community can, as a first in the Western Balkans, fully benefit from the EU funding opportunities under the programme, on equal footing with EU Member States, Norway, Iceland, Moldova and Ukraine.
Starting from 1 January 2024, both public and private health sector entities in Montenegro will be able to access funding opportunities through various channels such as open calls, direct grants, and joint actions. These include critical areas such as improving cancer diagnosis, treatment and care, contributing to the European Health Data Space, developing strategies for medicine stockpiling, bolstering mental health services, addressing non-communicable diseases and initiatives tackling cross-border health threats.

The priorities of the programme are:

Improve and foster health

  • Health promotion and disease prevention, in particular cancer
  • International health initiatives and cooperation

Protect people

  • Prevention, preparedness and response to cross-border health threats
  • Complementing national stockpiling of essential crisis-relevant products
  • Establishing a reserve of medical, healthcare and support staff

Access to medicinal products, medical devices and crisis-relevant products

  • Ensuring that these products are accessible, available and affordable

Strengthen health systems

  • Reinforcing health data, digital tools and services, digital transformation of healthcare
  • Enhancing access to healthcare
  • Developing and implementing EU health legislation and evidence-based decision making
  • Integrated work among national health systems


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