Mariya Gabriel shares her thoughts on the Western Balkans Agenda in an interview with CorD

The article by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner For Innovation, Research, Culture, Education And Youth is titled “Promised And Delivered!” and was published on March 2. The magazine is an independent English-language monthly publication focusing on Serbia and the region.

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In the interview with Mariya Gabriel, the European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, the achievements are discussed in relation to the implementation of the “Western Balkans Agenda” – including the implementation of the European Education Area, the European Universities Initiative, and the Digital Education Action Plan. She also highlights the importance of investing in education and research to drive innovation and economic growth in Europe. Gabriel emphasizes the need for Europe to be a leader in technology and innovation while ensuring that these advancements are inclusive and benefit all citizens.

She highlights the upcoming ministerial meeting in Skopje in early June, at which synergies between education and innovation will be in the center, including how to scale up skills for young researchers and innovators.

She also highlights various results from the previous ministerial meeting (which the POLICY ANSWERS project / Western Balkans Info Hub co-organised):

The meeting in Tirana also gave me the opportunity to present the JRC Science for Policy Report “Status of Environment and Climate in the Western Balkans”, which forms the baseline for our efforts aimed at improving air quality across the region; we highlighted and celebrated the fact that three cities from the Western Balkans are part of the Climate- Neutral and Smart Cities Mission; while we also announced that increased financial resources are made available for innovation. For the first time, we have ensured that all six Western Balkan economies are participating in our flagship research and innovation programme – Horizon Europe – as associated countries. Their results for the first two years are well above the levels of the previous framework programmes.

She also refers to Research Infrastructures and Smart Specialisation Strategies, the start-up scene and various opportunities for cooperation – we recommend to read this article!

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