Kosovo joined the Digital Europe Programme

Digitization of Kosovo, the agreement for people in the “Digital Europe” program in the amount of 7 billion euros is signed.

Kosovo’s digitalisation efforts take a significant leap forward as the Framework Agreement for participation in the “Digital Europe” programme, valued at 7 billion Euros, is signed.

The agreement was signed by Minister Rizvanolli and on behalf of the European Commission, Commissioner Roberto Viola, responsible for Communication, Networks, Content, and Technology. The programme aims to enhance citizens’, businesses’, and institutions’ access to digitalisation and, through strategic grants, advance four key areas:

  • High-performance computing resources,
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI),
  • Advanced digital skills, and
  • Accelerated and optimized utilization of digital capacities and interoperability.

Kosovo will be able to partake in EU digitalisation projects, bridging Western Balkans closer to the EU’s economy and society, particularly supporting digitalisation initiatives for small and medium-sized enterprises.


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