Kosovo Approved the Law on the Promotion of the Use of Renewable Energy Resources

With a majority vote in the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, the Law on the Promotion of the Use of Renewable Energy Resources (BRE) has been approved.

With the approval of the BRE Law, Kosovo distinguishes itself from the majority of states in the region by creating a legal framework that places clean energy resources at the forefront, enabling the attraction of more investments by implementing ambitious targets set out in the Energy Strategy 2022-2031.

The scope of this law includes the formulation of energy policies and the development of regulatory frameworks to promote the use of Renewable Energy Resources in the Republic of Kosovo, including the promotion of competitive, efficient, and transparent Support Schemes.

This law will bring benefits to the private sector through new concepts of consumer involvement in the energy sector and by defining procedures that must be conducted competitively. In this way, all enterprises are treated equally, benefiting from their competition, which leads to lower prices and affordable costs for citizens.

Aiming to fulfill the targets and obligations arising from the Energy Community Treaty and the transition towards clean energy, the RER Law aims to increase the use of energy from Renewable Resources and co-production in the sectors of electricity, heating and cooling, transportation, as well as improving supply security.

Other benefits of this law include environmental protection, providing social and health benefits, as well as promoting equal employment opportunities in the energy sector.

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