Introducing the New Look of the Western Balkans Info Hub

In a significant development for the dissemination of information and promotion of regional cooperation, the new website of the Western Balkans Info Hub has been officially launched.

This comprehensive online platform, accessible at, serves as a central repository for news, events, calls, and resources related to the Western Balkans region and more. The website is newly designed according to the latest online trends and comes as a collaborative effort between various stakeholders and project partners. WB Info Hub is not a new portal. The old domain is where everything started but we decided to have a fresh look. The old website has been archived.

The Western Balkans Info Hub website keeps on offering a wealth of information on diverse topics ranging from open calls, events, stakeholders database, economy, culture, environment, and regional initiatives. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, the platform is designed to serve to a wide audience, including policymakers, researchers, journalists, civil society representatives, and the general public.

New key features of the website include:

  1. Home Page: Header navigation includes the website’s logo, main navigation menu with categories, and a search bar, allowing users to easily navigate to different sections of the site. The banner or hero section is located at the top of the page. This area features a brief description highlighting the website’s mission, a call to subscribe to the monthly newsletter, and the theme or focus article of the month. The home page showcases selected content such as recent news articles, featured resources, or upcoming events to engage visitors and encourage exploration. Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons prompt visitors to take specific actions, such as signing up for a newsletter, joining a webinar, or applying for a call. Social media integration includes links to the website’s social media profiles or feeds at the end of the page to encourage visitors to connect with the site on other platforms.
  2. News: Regularly updated news articles provide insights into current events, developments, and trends shaping the Western Balkans region. This section serves to provide users with timely and relevant information about current events, developments, and trends within the Western Balkans region. Users visiting this page would find a collection of news articles or other types of content relevant to the region. It appears with a new design which makes it easy for the audience to find relevant information.
  3. Opportunities: Include events and calls in the region. A calendar of upcoming events, conferences, workshops, and webinars provides information on opportunities for engagement, networking, and collaboration within the region and beyond. The most recent event will show up at the beginning of the page, and the calls with the closest deadline will be again shown up first.
  4. Resources: A comprehensive repository of documents, publications, research papers, and multimedia content offers valuable resources for in-depth understanding and research on various aspects of the Western Balkans.
  5. Ecosystem of Engagement: Interactive data visualisation tool that enables users to explore  data according to their geographical focus and thematic domains. This is a new feature of the website where you’ll be able to search for stakeholders, programmes and policies, initiatives and good practices in the region you are interested in. The list is being updated constantly.
  6. Western Balkans Regional Innovation Academy: The Western Balkans Regional Innovation Academy is an online collection of useful resources for anyone who has a stake in managing, promoting and understanding innovation in the region: students, researchers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, educators, youth workers and all stakeholders who can contribute to increasing capacities towards innovation and technology transfer in the Western Balkans economy.

The monthly newsletter to support the Western Balkans´ knowledge societies and ecosystems also has a fresh look. The information is divided into sections related to all Western Balkans and economies separately, such as Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, etc. Use the interactive features provided by the new design.

In this newsletter, you will find all the information entered on the website in categories like calls, news, events, resources, stakeholders, etc. You can subscribe to the monthly newsletter here.

The launch of the Western Balkans Info Hub marks a significant milestone in efforts to strengthen information sharing, collaboration, and regional integration in the Western Balkans. As the platform grows and adds more features, it will become a valuable resource for anyone interested in the region’s opportunities.

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving additional information to be shared via the Western Balkans Info Hub! Whether you have news and events to share about your initiative or simply want to get in touch, please feel free to send us an email at

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