Interview with WBC-RRI.NET representative of Montenegro

As the WBC-RRI.NET project is approaching its end, POLICY ANSWERS asked project partners what the main activities of their region were, what impacts these had and how they have contributed to the development of the region. They also shared their thoughts with us on how the overall impact and contribution of the RRI activities to the WB region could be further enhanced. Here are the answers of WBC-RRI.NET´s representatives from Montenegro.

Name: Nikša Bulatović & Milica Bozovic
Institution: NGO ZONa and Science Technology Park of Montenegro
Region: Montenegro

How do the activities conducted in your region contribute to the development of the Western Balkans?

Numerous activities have been carried out recently in the area of the Western Balkans through the WBC-RRI.NET project. Specifically for Montenegro, many activities were carried out on the example of a specific situation that is related to the development and promotion of the RRI concept in order to improve the scientific and research framework and promote sustainable development in the future.

If possible, outline those main activities that have been performed in your region with the most significant impact.

Depending on the situation, the specific steps that must be taken to achieve the desired result also depend. Certainly, the promotion of the RRI concept has recently been the most influential in initiating dialogue and significantly contributes to achieving the desired results through numerous activities such as seminars, workshops, B2B meetings and presentations.

Based on your experience within the project, could you please mention some approaches that might enhance the overall impact and contribution of the RRI activities to the WB region?

It is very important that at the very beginning of the development of the RRI concept, we first present what it actually means. By opening a dialogue among key stakeholders who can contribute to the development and implementation of various ideas regarding more intensive participation of key actors. There are different models in the creation of steps that should give concrete results, but dialogue is considered the first and perhaps the biggest step.

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