[Event Review] Unleashing the innovation potential in Montenegro and Western Balkans – Official Launch of the EIT Community RIS Hub Montenegro

On May 24th, Podgorica hosted the official launch of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Community RIS Hub Montenegro. This significant event marked the introduction of the largest innovation ecosystem in Europe to Montenegro, aiming to foster growth in the region’s innovation sector by bridging the gap between science, business, and innovation.

The event showcased the myriad opportunities available through the EIT community for entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, and businesses. It highlighted how the new hub will play a pivotal role in accelerating innovation in Montenegro, providing essential support and resources to local innovators.

Over 20 representatives from various thematic innovation communities within the EIT, the European Commission, and the EU Delegation attended the event. They were joined by business leaders, government officials, and university representatives from Montenegro and the broader Western Balkan region. These stakeholders discussed how the EIT can bolster regional innovators, helping them scale their ideas, penetrate European markets, and contribute to sustainable development.

Operational since January, the EIT Community RIS Hub Montenegro has already begun to make strides in supporting local innovation. The event served as a platform to further inform the public about its support services and to foster community building among Montenegro’s innovation stakeholders.

The hybrid format of the event allowed for broad participation, enabling attendees from various locations to join online after registering. This inclusive approach ensured that a wide audience could engage with the discussions and learn about the transformative potential of the EIT Community in Montenegro.

Overall, the launch event successfully highlighted the promising future of innovation in Montenegro, driven by the EIT Community’s extensive support and resources. The collaboration between regional and European stakeholders promises to usher in a new era of growth and development for Montenegro’s innovation ecosystem.

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