[Event Review] Advancement of support for the development of innovation in Kosovo: Riinvest Round Table

On 25 June 2025, the Riinvest Institute held a round table discussion on the topic of advancement of support for the development of innovation in Kosovo. The event addressed the issues of research and innovation, bringing to attention the importance of these areas for Kosovo’s economic development. It was organised within the framework of the projects that the Riinvest Institute is implementing: “POLICY ANSWERS” and “Business Friendly Certification”.

Recent advances in the draft of the new Innovation Law and the proposed Innovation Fund promise to bring a new infrastructure to the landscape of funding and supporting local research and innovation. These developments are important for creating a conducive environment for the development of innovations and to increase the competitiveness of Kosovo’s economy.

The participants discussed that insufficient funding is one of the main reasons for the unsatisfactory situation in research in Kosovo, the legal structure and regulations also create obstacles or limitations for the faster development. Institutional structures or mechanisms, policies and procedures for the management of the National Science Programme are considered bottlenecks. Another fundamental problem is the lack of agencies for the operational implementation of support policies and procedures.

For a more detailed review of the event (in Albanian) and the recording (https://vimeo.com/967744104), please refer to the source page of this review: https://ekonomiaonline.com/riinvest-investimet-ne-inovacion-mbesin-te-uleta-shprese-per-projektligjin-e-ri1/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR0bkJPRmuDRtI117eesYcXgjaZtwoXMmCgKImTCLfxoP8qzov1s9r2T4eg_aem__t2wVpF1z6SwGy6KKztODQ

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