EIC Forum Policy Orientations 2023 have been published

On 21 December 2023, Commissioner Iliana Ivanova, responsible for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education, and Youth, met with the EIC Forum members in Brussels. The meeting centred around discussions on the implementation of the New European Innovation Agenda and the policy orientations outlined by the EIC Forum Policy Orientations document for 2023, with the particular focus on innovation policy, innovation procurement, data, and employees’ stock options.

Commissioner Ivanova expressed appreciation for the efforts of the six working groups throughout 2023 and acknowledged the importance of the initiative, member states and associated countries working together, and strengthening the innovation ecosystem.

EIC Forum: Policy orientations 2023


The EIC Forum objective, as outlined in the Horizon Europe legal base, is to discuss the development of innovation-friendly regulation, promote the alignment of research and innovation agendas, enhance coordination between national and regional innovation programmes and innovation activities under Horizon Europe, including notably the EIC and the EIT, and to establish a joint communication strategy on innovation in the EU.

The EIC Forum is composed of the EIC Forum Plenary and different Working Groups. This agile and flexible structure will allow open discussion of new ideas in co-creation and co-design mode among different types of stakeholders.

The Forum Plenary is composed of high-level designated representatives of national ministries and authorities in charge of innovation, members of the EIC Advisory and EIT Governing Boards. The Forum Plenary has the mandate to identify EIC Forum priorities, agree on conclusions and recommendations of the Working Groups and steer the activities for the coming year. The Forum Plenary holds at least two annual meeting.

EIC Forum Working Groups are composed of actors of innovation ecosystems specialists in the field as well as interested authorities and colleagues of the relevant Commission services.

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Publication date: 21 December 2023

Author: Directorate-General for Research and Innovation

Source of information: https://research-and-innovation.ec.europa.eu/news/all-research-and-innovation-news/eic-forum-policy-orientations-2023-have-been-published-2023-12-21_en

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