Digitalisation: A New Boom for the Financial Sector of North Macedonia

As digital platforms and technologies increasingly intertwine with daily life, the financial industry in North Macedonia faces the imperative of adapting to the evolving expectations of consumers, businesses, and sector stakeholders. The sluggish pace at which personal documents are issued—a process integral for citizens engaging with financial institutions—underscores the pressing need for digitalisation within the sector. While some financial entities have successfully navigated the challenges presented by this digital shift, others lag behind, struggling to keep pace with rapid technological advancements and the relentless evolution of artificial intelligence, leading to a divide where some institutions experience growth and innovation, while others face stagnation.

The financial landscape’s gradual embrace of digital transformation highlights the varying readiness among North Macedonia’s financial institutions to integrate digital solutions. Consumers, particularly the younger demographic, increasingly demand accessibility to digital products, pushing banks towards faster adaptation and proactive engagement in digitalisation. Amidst regulatory advancements aimed at fostering a conducive environment for fintech and digital innovation, entities like Komercijalna Banka and the startup FinqUp exemplify the sector’s move towards more agile, efficient, and inclusive financial services. This shift not only heralds a new era of financial transactions and services but also emphasises the necessity of bridging the digital divide among consumers and institutions to ensure comprehensive access to financial innovations.

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