Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Participation in the Digital Europe Programme has been endorsed

As proposed by Edin Forto, the economy-level Minister of Communications and Transport, the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina endorsed the participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Digital Europe Programme.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only Western Balkans economy that is currently not participating in the Digital Europe Programme through which the European Commission has secured the funds in the amount of EUR 762.7 million. The aim of the programme is to strengthen Europe’s technological sovereignty and to place digital solutions on the market for the benefit of the citizens, public administrations and businesses as well as to contribute to the overreaching aims of the European Green Deal.

Minister Forto expressed his hope that the Agreement on the participation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Union programme Digital Europe would soon be endorsed by the Presidency of BiH in order to proceed with its signing.

“Readiness is expressed by the European Commission to enable everyone from Bosnia and Herzegovina to apply for the funds from the Digital Europe Programme, immediately upon signing of the Agreement, which represents a significant support to the digital transformation process for the benefit of our citizens and in order to attain the European standards in this area”, said Minister Forto.

Source of this news article: On the proposal of Minister Forto: Council of Ministers endorsed BiH’s participation in the Digital Europe Programme (

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