Capacity Building in North Macedonia

Summary of skills development and capacity building activities carried out in North Macedonia by POLICY ANSWERS.

In the following, we would like to give you an insight into the work POLICY ANSWERS has done in North Macedonia to further develop various skills in the economy.

Action 1. a) Setting the stage: policy design, b) Institutions in practice: coordination and collaboration, c) Performance management: monitoring and evaluation

In North Macedonia, several events have been organised in the first 18 months of POLICY ANSWERS. An Info session was held on 17 February 2023 related to the WB Agenda and its rationale, synergies between the WB Agenda and activities related to the green economy and digitalisation. This was a side event to the WB Steering Platform on innovation held in Skopje on 15-16 February 2023. It was organised and conducted in close cooperation with the representatives of the EC. The information session was attended by a total of 20 representatives from 9 public institutions.

An online training on “Policy design and coordination” was organised on 12 April 2023, including processes for co-design and harmonisation of policies.The event was attended by 18 policy makers and civil servants in North Macedonia in policy design and coordination.

Another online training, “Formulating RDI, education and culture specific indicators, establishing Monitoring Evaluation Learning processes (tools and mechanisms), Green Indicators and Budgeting” was held on 11 May 2023 and attended by a total of 20 representatives from 8 public institutions.

A study visit was organised to EU institutions between 25-28 April 2023 in Brussels with the focus on EU institutional practices (policy design, M&E in the areas of RDI, education and youth). This topic is relevant for Chapter 25 and the alignment of the Acquis; increasing the participation in the European Research Area and the European Innovation Area were covered during the study visit meetings. The study visit group gathered 12 representatives from the Ministry of Education (RDI and HE departments), the Ministry of Economy (Industrial and SME development), the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development (FITD), the Secretariat for European Affairs (Chapter 25 and Chapter 26 of the Acquis) and the Prime Minister’s Cabinet.

Activity 2. Organisational management and Activity 3. Fundraising for public institutions is planned for 2024/25.

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