SMART4ALL – Selfsustained Cross-border Customized Cyberphisical System Experiments for Capacity Building among European Stakeholders

An extensive network of Digital Innovation Hubs for boosting technology and business development in South, Eastern and Central Europe


25 highly competent partners from 16 countries in South, Eastern and Central Europe, funded by the EU program Horizon 2020, under the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative, for a period of four years, started on 1st of January, 2020


Accelerate digital transformation and increase digital skills in Europe by combining under a common vision different cultures, policies and geographical areas in the domains of digitized environment, digitized agriculture, digitized transport and digitized anything


Establish a unique Pan European network of Digital Innovation Hubs that will not only support innovation and reveal business opportunities across South, Eastern and Central Europe, but will build capacity via the development of self-sustained, cross-border pathfinder application experiments

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