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The office for career development and lifelong learning at the University of Montenegro unites services that are available primarily to students of UCG, but also to academic staff, employers and future students. The office represents a support service that serves to improve students’ competencies, especially in the development of their practical skills with the aim of better preparation for the labour market and encouraging the development of entrepreneurial awareness, but also to support high school students in choosing a future vocation and preparing for the academic environment.

Work of the Office for Career Development and LLL is also aimed at connecting and cooperating with students with the economic sector through finding opportunities for professional internships and potential work engagements. The office provides students with the necessary information about employment opportunities, continuing education, and helps them to better prepare for the labor market after graduation. Our goal is to enable students to get to know the business environment and gain work experience already during their studies, in order to achieve a more competitive position on the labor market after graduation.

At the Center for International Cooperation and Career Development, we want to inform students about opportunities offered within the mobility program, so in cooperation with the Office for International Cooperation and Mobility we find the best options for continuing studies or staying at universities abroad.

Moreover, business entities often cooperate with the Office for Career Development with the aim of finding a suitable candidate for employment more easily.

Through various trainings and workshops, organized by the Office for Career Development and LLL, students acquire the following competences: 
   –        how to present oneself to an employer as best as possible, how to write a good CV, cover letter, acquire crucial advice and prepare for the interview;          
 –          how to acquire skills of business communication;    
  –         how to make a plan of their own career development;       
  –         how to find the right scholarship;      
  –         how to become more competitive on the labor market;      
 –          how to achieve communication with commerce sector and make the right steps in employing.  

The Office also provides psychological and pedagogical advice and support to future students and freshmen in preparation for studying and adapting to a new, academic environment.

It also organizes several events and programs to support students on their career path, including:

 –    Internship and scholarship fair
–     Open day of the University of Montenegro
–     Seasonal employment fair – Summer Job
–     Training for beginners in business
–     Competition for the best student startup idea
–     Educational program “Student business hub”
–     Workshops “Presentation skills to the employer”
–     Digital platform for education and employment “Jobiri”

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