New Energy Competence System and Technology for WB Energy Stability System Curriculum Reform (NEST4WB)

New energy competence system and technology for WB energy stability system curriculum reform – NEST4WB

Duration: 36 months


In previous years, and especially at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, EU policy (and the candidate states supported it) decided to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. In order to implement the adopted strategy to ensure uninterrupted access to energy for all, secure the green deal and REPevrEU requires a comprehensive digital and sustainable transformation of the energy sector. The recommendation is to install clean energy sources such as solar pV (photo voltic) panels, to install solar panels on the roofs of all business and public buildings by 2027, and on all residential buildings by 2029. The strategy envisages the installation of 10 million heat pumps in the next 5 years. However, it is also necessary to create conditions for the responsible use of existing energy resources. Recognising digitisation in the energy sector as a priority, the European Commission is 18.10.2022. adopted an action plan entitled “Digitalisation of the energy system”. This project has as a goal modernisation of WB HEIs study programmes through introduction of new courses at the bachelor and master levels of education in WB HEIs. It will be done through creation of new or modernisation of existing study programmes at bachelor/master levels and the creation for LLL trainings and centers for raising awareness about the green deal and digitalisation in the energy sector. WB HEIs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo will opt, depending on their capacities, whether they will introduce new programmes or modernise existing, in English or in their native languages. In both cases number of new courses, their titles, ECTS and other characteristics, will be determined in advance. This will include set up of new laboratories which will enable laboratory practices for students. Thus, all partners should select equipment which is adequate to the goals of the project. Students will realize a student practice for 10 days in partner countries.

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