National workshop dedicated to the development of the document “Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis of Marine Ecosystem Pollution (TDA)”

Short description of initiative/best practice

The national workshop was organised within the framework of cooperation with UNEP/MAP as the implementing agency for the GEF Project “Reduction of pollution by harmful chemicals and waste in Mediterranean hotspots and measurement of progress in relation to impacts”, which is part of the MedProgram.
The aim of the workshop was to involve all national stakeholders in the review and assessment of the six thematic reports prepared by the expert team. The mentioned six thematic reports assess the main issues that affect the state of the marine ecosystem and the coastal area from a national perspective, emphasising the potential transboundary consequences thereof. Thematic assessments refer to:

  • Pollution of sea waters from land and sea sources
  • Garbage and marine debris
  • Marine habitats, biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Adaptation to climate change, mitigation and social-ecological resilience
  • Degradation of the coastal belt and restoration options
  • Frameworks for monitoring the state of the marine ecosystem and indicators.

Geographical focus:

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