Supporting Digitalisation in Schools Across Kosovo

The Ministry of Economy, through the Kosovo Research and Education Network (KREN), continues its mission of digitalising educational and research institutions in Kosovo. In March 2024, KREN has initiated the first phase of activating the network in 40 primary and secondary schools across six municipalities. These schools now benefit from full Wi-Fi coverage using the latest WI-FI 6 technology in all classrooms and other school facilities. In spring 2024, the network expansion continues to reach an additional 62 schools in nine different municipalities, aiming to provide comprehensive modern telecommunication infrastructure to all schools nationwide.

Furthermore, to support the digitalisation of lower secondary schools in Kosovo, 20 smartboards have been delivered to pilot schools across 13 municipalities. This aims to advance pedagogical methodologies and digital skills among teachers. With these interactive tools, teachers can foster engaging learning environments that promote critical thinking, teamwork, and creativity. This approach not only improves education but also prepares students with valuable digital skills for the future.

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