Digital, Inclusive and Transformative Montenegro: Quality Education for all

The Montenegrin Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation, UNICEF, ILO, and UNESCO, with financial support from the Montenegro Acceleration Fund, have launched a 2-year project called “Digital” on 8 March 2024.

The project aims to create digital content as part of the Digital School concept, train teachers and ICT coordinators, equip and launch EdTech hubs, and organise digital summer camps for students. It will be implemented in 12 schools across 6 municipalities in northern Montenegro, involving over 6,000 children and adolescents, as well as more than 300 teachers and ICT coordinators.

The initiative is seen as crucial for the digital transformation of the education system and other sectors in Montenegro. The project is expected to help break the cycle of poverty by providing children in the poorest northern region of Montenegro with better quality education and digital skills for the 21st century job market. The initiative aligns with the Ministry’s strategy for digitising the education system and is seen as a crucial step towards the digital transformation of the country.

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