Biodiversa+ partnership supporting excellent research on biodiversity

Biodiversa+ is part of the European Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 that aims to put Europe’s biodiversity on a path to recovery by 2030.
The Partnership aims to connect science, policy and practice for transformative change. It currently gathers 81 research programmers and funders and environmental policy actors from 40 European and associated countries to work on 5 main objectives:

Plan and support research and innovation on biodiversity through a shared strategy, annual joint calls for research projects and capacity building activities:

  • Set up a network of harmonised schemes to improve monitoring of biodiversity and ecosystem services across Europe
  • Contribute to high-end knowledge for deploying Nature-based Solutions and valuation of biodiversity in the private sector
  • Ensure efficient science-based support for policy-making and implementation in Europe
  • Strengthen the relevance and impact of pan-European research on biodiversity in a global context

Albania and Kosovo identified this EU Joint Undertaking and became partner in the BIODIVERSA in 2024.

Biodiversa+ will soon launch a new transnational joint research call on Biodiversity and Transformative Change: BiodivTransform. The call is planned to be officially launched on 10 September 2024 and will be open to the interested partner economies. This call, together with actions embedded in the Flagship Programme “Supporting societal transformation for the sustainable use and management of biodiversity,” will help to achieve one of Biodiversa+’s strategic objectives: producing actionable knowledge for transformative change to halt and reverse biodiversity decline (Biodiversa+ Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, 2021).

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