EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative Call for Training Proposals

The EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative has launched its Call for Training proposals for organisations to collaboratively create new programs to train one million people in deep tech in Europe. Through this Call, the Initiative will fund up to 20 projects committed to pioneering the future of deep tech education and skills development across Europe and will distribute a total amount of up to €2 million.

Key dates and deadlines

Launch of the Call for Training Proposals and opening of the application portal: 3 April 2024 at 17:00 CEST

Call deadlines:

  • Deadline for Proposals Submission: 20 June 2024 at 17:00 CEST
  • Announcement of evaluation results to all applicants: mid-August 2024
  • Official announcement and start date of projects: 1 September 2024

The Call

This Call is seeking proposals from organisations to create new courses, training and skills development programs to train people in deep tech, aimed at developing tertiary training. These audiences include students and faculty at universities, those seeking vocational training, and professionals looking to develop their skills further, and may address target audiences that are often underrepresented in deep tech fields, e.g., women, people with disadvantaged backgrounds, individuals re-entering the job market, etc., or may address an immediate market or training need that is underdeveloped.

Who can apply?

The EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative Call for Training Proposals is open to a diverse range of entities, including educational institutions, non-profits, start-ups, and companies, and specifically designed to engage a wide array of organisations committed to pioneering the future of deep technology education and skill development across Europe.

However, proposals must involve a consortium of at least two entities, demonstrating a collaborative approach to deep tech training, and all applicants must have signed the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative Pledge at the time of proposal submission.

The proposals must specifically target one of the following Deep Tech areas:

  • Advanced Computing / Quantum Computing
  • Advanced Materials
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to specific sectors
  • Cybersecurity
  • Robotics
  • Semiconductors (microchips)
  • Clean technologies
  • Immersive technologies

What makes a successful proposal?

Successful proposals will demonstrate a forward-thinking vision that contribute to a sustainable, long-term impact in the deep tech ecosystem, along with a history of success in tackling deep tech training challenges.

Successful training programs developed through this initiative are expected to achieve the following objectives:

  • Design and launch ground-breaking courses that fill critical knowledge gaps in the deep tech sector
  • Target and mitigate the skills shortages in specific deep tech areas
  • Significantly increase the desirability and reputation of deep tech training programs, with a goal of engaging more talents annually
  • Support the development of innovative training methodologies that encourage creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking among participants
  • Ensure that all courses uphold the quality and relevance of deep tech training

Implementation of the successful proposals will be structured in two phases to optimise development and impact:

  • Phase 1 focuses on the creation and validation of the training curriculum
  • Phase 2 involves the launch and execution of the training programs

Application Evaluation

Every Call will undergo a structured evaluation process comprising several distinct steps, with each step in the process superseding the previous one:

  • First Gate – Experts Review
  • Second Gate – Review Gate
  • Third Gate – EIT Deep Tech Talent Management Gate

Source: https://www.eitdeeptechtalent.eu/calls-and-opportunities/eit-deep-tech-talent-initiative-call-for-training-proposals/

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