EENergy Call for energy efficiency projects of SMEs

SMEs that need support for the design and implementation of energy efficiency related activities can apply to the EENergy open call, and potentially benefit from a 10,000 Euro EENergy grant (100% financing) in addition to Enterprise Europe Network sustainability advisory services.

The programme will support at least 1,800 SMEs in developing Action Plans for improving their energy efficiency and will also include an EENergy grant of up to 10,000 euros for at least 900 SMEs. The EENergy grant is a one-time support mechanism that will be granted to the individual SMEs after the preparation and implementation of a concrete action plan targeting at least a 5% improvement in energy efficiency.

To participate in the open call and become eligible to receiving a grant, SMEs must work with specialised sustainability advisors from the Enterprise Europe Network, who will support interested SMEs in designing a customised energy efficiency action plan and submitting their application to the EENergy open call.

The deadline for the EENergy Call is 15 May 2024 to ensure the widest possible reach across SMEs in Europe.

Find your Enterprise Europe Network local contact point and be in touch with our sustainability advisors. For further information, guidelines, application forms etc. please refer to the source page of this announcement: project website.

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