EEN2EIC: Open Call for Local Nodes

1 March 2023 - 1 March 2025


The present Call aims at providing support Vouchers to EEN Local Nodes to support submission of proposal under the EIC Accelerator programme from the project’s target groups, namely SMEs established in widening and associated Countries and Women-Led SMEs established in all Countries eligible under EIC programme. 

Eligibility and main tasks of Local Nodes in EEN2EIC

  • Every partner organization of an established EEN Consortium at the time of submitting a request for voucher under the present Open Call is eligible to apply for this strand (See section 2.3.1  of the Guide for Applicants for Local Nodes application (link)).
  • Local Nodes are responsible for providing direct support for EIC Accelerator applications to SMEs falling under the EEN2EIC priorities. 
  • Local Nodes provide qualified support to eligible SMEs and contributes to the increasing of quality proposals, particularly number of funded projects led by women innovators and from widening and associated countries, for the EIC Accelerator.
  • Local Nodes contribute to support the innovation and scale up of companies in their networks, by identifying and selecting potential applicants in cooperation with the respective Consortium Innovation Leader (CIL). 
  • Local Nodes are expected to leverage on the expertise of its advisor(s) to help to identify the ideal EIC candidate and provided customized support toward successful EIC Applications, also in terms of Technology and Innovation assessment, Commercialization strategy, Partnerships, Risk assessment, and Market projections etc. 

What’s in for Local Nodes

Local Nodes are eligible for up to 3.700€ per each eligible company that they support in the EIC application process. The Vouchers are divided as follows:

1.300€ for the support of eligible companies applying for EIC Short Proposal (EEN2EIC Group A Voucher) as defined in Section 2.5.1 of the Guide of applicants. 

2.400€ for the support of eligible companies applying for EIC Full Proposal (EEN2EIC Group B Voucher) as defined in Section 2.5.2 of the Guide of applicants.

Application process and deadline

Application process and deadline: Applicants shall submit their cases using the online IT Tool. The application can be submitted during the Project lifetime but at the latest on the 31.03.2025 (17:00 Brussels time).  

Download the Guide for Applicants

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