Call for Strategic Projects under the Critical Raw Materials Act

Strategic raw materials are crucial for the success of the green and digital transitions as well as the resilience of the defence and aerospace sectors.

The European Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) designates strategic projects to increase EU capacity to extract, process and recycle strategic raw materials and diversify EU supplies from third countries.

Strategic projects make a meaningful contribution to the security of the Union’s supply of strategic raw materials. They are or will become technically feasible within a reasonable timeframe, showing expected production volumes, and implemented sustainably with a sufficient estimated confidence level. 

The Commission considers strategic projects of public interest due to their importance in ensuring the security of the supply of strategic raw materials and safeguarding the functioning of the internal market.

How to apply

Application form (to be added soon, please visit the link regularly)

Guide for applicants (currently available in draft version)

The guide for applicants is a user guide, providing details about the application process. 

The guide covers the following topics 

  • background information about strategic projects under the CRMA 
  • essential conditions for applications
  • preparation and submission of applications
  • supporting information for the online application form
  • the assessment procedure 
  • contact information and helpdesk

If you have any questions, please refer to the guide for applicants and the FAQs (to be added soon). 

Sign up as an expert

Additional information

On 30 April, the Commission held an information day for potential applicants. Watch the recording and view the slides below.  

Training on applying UNFC to strategic projects

This training aims to provide project promoters with the knowledge and skills to successfully apply United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC), when applying for Strategic Project recognition under the Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA). 

Timeline of the strategic project process

Below you can find the timeline for the entire strategic project process, including the submission of applications and their assessment.

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