[Call for Proposals] Co-Create New European Bauhaus (NEB) Call

24 July - 16 October 2023

The Co-create NEB call for proposals to build sustainable and inclusive public spaces is now open!

The EIT Community invites applicants to develop and submit applications aligned with the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative. The goal is to collaborate with citizens to develop long-term solutions that match the needs and demand of the wider community.

This new Co-Create NEB Call for Proposals aims to demonstrate how new solutions can boost the transformation of cities by bringing individuals and communities closer to nature, addressing the needs of territories and communities that needed specific attention, and developing materials and products with circular life cycles. 

Who can apply

This Call for Proposals is open to legal entities (private or public, KIC partners or not) established in Member States (MS) of the European Union (EU), and/or in Third countries associated to Horizon Europe.

Applications must be a consortia of a minimum 2 partners and a maximum of 4 partners. One of these partners must be a City, region or an affiliated entity to a City or region located in an EU Member State or a Third Country associated to Horizon Europe. At least 2 of the partners must be independent from each other. One partner has to be presented as the Lead Partner.

Applications from RIS countries are encouraged to participate.

For further eligibility information please check Chapter 2.2 of the Call document.

Supported activities

The grant will award products and services (including rapid prototypes) and/or the co-design of of public realm and commons, addressing at least one of the EIT Community NEB Challenges based on the New European Bauhaus four thematic axes:

  • Reconnecting with nature
  • Regaining a sense of belonging
  • Prioritising the places and people that need it the most
  • The need for long-term, life cycle thinking in the industrial ecosystem

All submitted proposals are expected to co-create, build sustainable, beautiful and inclusive public space in alignment with NEB. In terms of public realm development strategy, the projects must comply with at least one of the expected outcome targets:

· Outcome A: Improved quality of a defined public space by implementing the NEB approach. The proposal must have a clear explanation of how and at what level the project contributes to achieve the selected NEB challenge, including a realistic and achievable plan.

· Outcome B: Improved quality of public space by complementing local policy/strategy whilst implementing NEB approach. The proposal must have a clear explanation of how and at what level the project contributes to achieve the selected local strategic plan/documents’ targets, including a realistic and achievable plan. The project must provide clear evidence of implementing the NEB approach

An application must address at least one of the EIT Community NEB Challenges mentioned in Section 3.3; for further information on outputs and impacts, including examples of specific types of activities, please carefully read Section 3.4 of the Call Manual document.

How to apply

The process is organized in a one-step application procedure. Please read the Call Manual carefully and consult the EIT Community team if necessary. More information about the types of projects, the application process, you will find in the documents for download:

On 31 July 2023 at 11:00 CEST Online, a Call info session will take place. For participation, please fill in the registration form by 27 July 2023. 

On 8 of September at 10:00 CEST there will be an online matchmaking event where registered participants could present in 4 minutes their organization and their needs to form a consortium. Please fill in the registration form by 1 September.

Please send your applications no later than 16 October 2023, 17:00 CEST through the PLAZA e-submission platform. Proposals submitted after the set deadline will not be eligible. 

EIT funding allocation

The funding rate is 75% up to 45.000€ for each project, leaving the remaining 25% to be co-funded by the applicant.

Overall 8 selected projects (ideally minimum 1 proposal per EIT Community NEB Challenge) can be implemented in six regions/cities located in the European Union Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries from February 2024 to December 2024.

Geographical focus:

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