Call for Expert Services for Preparation of the Report and Policy Recommendations for Advancing Financing Sources, Policies and Procedures for Research and Innovation in Kosovo*

Scope of Work (SoW)
The expert will explore through desk research and analyses legal and other aspects to clearly identify obstacles regarding poor financing and low level of development of R&I activities at faculties and universities and other research organisations. Following that, he/she will draft a policy paper which provides a short analysis of the state of play and provides policy recommendations for: (1) increasing public and other funding for R&I; (2) how effectively integrating R&I and teaching at universities and faculties; (3) how to increase incentives for academic staff and other researchers for more productive engagements in R&I.

In addition, the expert will support the Riinvest team engaged in the PA project for advocating and presenting the Report at governmental and parliamentary bodies as necessary.

The approximate LoE for implementation of this SoW is one (1) person month during the period
January – February – March 2023.

In performing tasks, the Expert will:

  • Coordinate closely with the Head of Policy Answers Riinvest Project Team andregularly report to him;
  • Participate in invited meetings of the project team as necessary;
  • Deliver monthly short report/overview on task implementation progress and provide inputs to the reporting needs according to the Project Deliverable Agenda;
  • Propose ideas and short contributions related to his tasks for dissemination and communication of project outcomes and events;
  • Provide Monthly evidence of LoE (working days), according to the form provided by project management.


  • The expert should have completed PhD/Masters studies, with minimum 10 years’ experience in a field of research and teaching;
  • Sound evidence and track record in these areas;
  • Writing skills in English and Albanian Language

We invite interested experts to send their applications via e-mail at by 15 February 2023. The application should include (1) a proposal based on this SoW (including comments on SoW if necessary); (2) CV; (3) Evidence of experience and references.
Further information about the project can be obtained at and at
Western Balkans Info Hub

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