Call for applications for start-ups in the Western Balkans – EBRD Star Venture Programme

The EBRD’s Star Venture programme targets promising start-ups, accelerators and consultants to unleash their full potential. Working with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for over 25 years has given the EBRD unique expertise in bolstering the start-up ecosystem across its regions.

Star Venture leverages a dedicated network of mentors and advisers to channel a whole range of bespoke advisory services and industry best practices to start-ups. Through strategic compass workshops led by Cambridge IfM Engage, world-class advisory, mentoring and access to finance and market development, the programme helps start-ups improve the efficiency of their results and scale rapidly.

At the same time, Star Venture helps young companies remove some of the systemic barriers to accessing finance by connecting them to a network of investors with a strategic interest in the early-stage space.

Call for applications for start-ups in the Western Balkans

Criteria to apply:

  • The company is a registered private enterprise;
  • A proven innovative technology-based solution or innovative business model;
  • Offers a large market opportunity;
  • Shows a strong competitive advantage;
  • Managed to substantially increase revenues within 3 years of business operations.

Interested companies can access guidelines and submit their online application following this link: The deadline to apply is May 13, 2024.

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