Call for Abstracts for Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2023

1 September 2022 - 31 October 2023

This biennial conference, which travels between Europe, North America and Asia, will attract more than 400 experts from all over the world to Vienna, Austria between 8-11 May 2023. This Symposium is the only platform for presenting the up-to-date progress on circular economy and the development of resource-efficient electr(on)ic products and services.

Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2023 will be organised in a mild hybrid mode. Therefore we accept abstracts for

•             on-site or

•             pre-recorded (online)

as well as for

•             single presentations (15-20 minutes) or

•             invited sessions (2 hours)

In case of an invited session you do not submit an abstract for a single presentation, but one for a complete session. It is mainly used for research projects, workshops or similar that would like to disseminate their results in more than one presentation that are all in the same session.

Potential discussion topics have been listed at

Please submit your abstract until October 31, 2022 at the very latest using the


Sponsoring Going Green – CARE INNOVATION 2023 provides you the perfect opportunity to reach executives of producers (OEMs and CEMs) and their suppliers, retailers, large users, logistic and software companies, national and international government officials, trade associations and collective systems, recyclers, consultants and academia.

The conference will provide a platform to discuss the following questions:

•             How can we shift towards a circular economy?

•             Will the circular economy solve global supply chain issues?

•             Can we expect innovative ICT to reduce our energy costs?

•             What are the future trends in technologies, markets and sustainability?

•             Which changes are necessary in order to become a sustainable enterprise?

•             What is the status of implementation and what are the practical experiences with global legislation on electr(on)ics waste, hazardous substances and ecodesign around the globe?

•             What will the Right to Repair lead to?

Next year’s program will feature the latest in circular economy, environmental design, resource efficiency, clean manufacturing, climate change, new eco-efficient technologies, collection, reverse logistics, refurbishment, carbon trading, re-use, recycling and policy making from leading experts in industry, academia, consulting, recyclers and public area around the globe. Leading companies and institutions will present their innovative products, processes and services at the exhibition.

All companies in the electr(on)ics, telecom, automotive, solar and PV, chemical and recycling industry, power suppliers, electricity generators and distributors, contract manufacturers, material and component suppliers, service and logistic companies, collective systems, academia, consulting and public authorities (local, regional, international) are invited to attend and contribute.

For more information, please visit the source page of this event.

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